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EDSAFE AI Alliance Annouces Lynwood Unified School District Policy Lab

Lynwood Unified School District, in partnership with EDSAFE AI Alliance, announced today that it will establish its first-ever AI Policy Lab that will focus on fostering the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in educational settings. The lab, which will be part of a nationwide network of similar policy initiatives, is designed as a collaborative, interdisciplinary partnership that encourages responsible AI development, deployment, and usage.

"Lynwood Unified's innovative AI Policy Lab embodies our commitment to empowering educators, students, and parents with knowledge and resources as we delve into this new chapter of AI in K-12 education," said Patrick Gittisriboongul, Ed.D., LUSD Assistant Superintendent of Technology and Innovation. "Through collaborative efforts, we're not just shaping policies; we're fostering meaningful engagement and understanding within our school community. Together, we're ensuring that the promise of AI aligns seamlessly with our dedication to student achievement."

Lynwood Unified School District's AI Policy Lab will include policy recommendations and educational resources for teachers, students, and parents, and facilitate ongoing refinement to ensure policies are in sync with practical applications with a particular focus on community, parent, and student engagement.

The EDSAFE AI Alliance leads a national network dedicated to tackling the challenges and maximizing the benefits presented by the swift integration of AI in education. Comprising 12 districts nationwide, this collaborative effort focuses on crafting a comprehensive "policy stack." This stack encompasses acceptable use policies, parent communication and consent guidelines, as well as professional development materials tailored to each district's needs.

Gwinnett County Public SchoolsCañon City Schools, and the Santa Ana Unified School District are the most recent additions to the Alliance that have launched AI Policy Labs.

This collaborative effort is a significant step towards leveraging AI in education more effectively and aligned with the SAFE framework.

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