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What does it mean to be an EDSAFE AI Alliance School District Policy Lab?

School districts should consider joining the Policy Lab if they are:
  • Considering how to use AI in a way that is safe, accountable, fair, and efficacious manner
  • Wrestling with how artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming their operations, instruction, communication, and their technology education ecosystem,
  • Dealing with critical challenges AI presents related to data privacy, ethical implementations of its use, and
  • Producing policy, operational guidance, communication, and documentation for how to work with AI in their district.
By joining the Policy Labs, school districts get access to the following:
  • ​A network of peer school districts working on the same challenges at the same time,
  • A consolidated set of resources and materials to help districts develop their guidance and policy documents
  • Recognition as a leader and district focused on ensuring the ethical, efficacious, and equitable use of AI
  • Access to a network of leading education organizations on the EDSAFE AI Alliance Steering Committee.
What is required of participating districts?
  • Publish guidance and policy documents using an open science framework so that they can be shared with districts and schools around the country.

  • Consider AI challenges across the district organization (as opposed to exclusively within one department like teaching and learning or Information Technology). 

  • Participate in regular communications with peer districts, including an annual in-person meeting (travel-supported).

  • A dedicated representative and liaison to the EDSAFE Alliance team.

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